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Overall, though, while parks were a popular first date spot, going to a movie was the on average the most likely to score you a second date.

Obviously these results don't necessarily apply across the board, since they're all from Hinge users, but what's the worst that can happen if you use them as guidance?

Will I do or say the right thing or will I totally embarrass myself?

Will we get physical and if so, will there be any chemistry between us?

”The very idea of it is marketed to the world over from the moment we leave the womb, and those who don’t have it feel that they are somehow scared with some terrible affliction that has rendered us unlovable.Just say no to shots if you want a shot at a second date.The most satisfying news is that 24 percent of people responded best to an outing for fried chicken. You really gotta land on the right side of that one or you’re really out of luck.Alison’s answer along with others cited a lack of attraction as a reason for not going on a second date; which made me wonder whether it is possible to develop a physical attraction to someone over the course of time.I kept hoping that if I spent more time with him, I would develop those mini fireworks inside that make you want to melt.

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If I were changing my behavior to secure a call back for a second date, would that have made the experience of the first date less authentic?

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